In outstanding childcare, safeguarding permeates all aspects of Early Years. The key features of outstanding practice include:

  • High-quality leadership and management, that makes safeguarding a priority across all aspects of a nursery
  • Stringent vetting procedures in place for staff
  • Rigorous safeguarding policies and procedures in place, which are written in plain English, compliant with statutory requirements and updated regularly; in particular, clear and coherent child protection policies
  • Child protection arrangements that are accessible to everyone, so that children and families, as well as adults in the nursery, know who they can talk to if they are worried
  • Excellent communication systems, with up-to-date information that can be accessed and shared by those who need it
  • A high priority is given to training in safeguarding, generally going beyond basic requirements, extending expertise widely and building internally
  • Robust arrangements for site security understood and applied by all staff, children and parents/carers
  • A curriculum that is flexible, relevant and engages pupil’s interests; that is used to promote safeguarding, not least through teaching children how to stay safe and how to protect themselves from harm
  • Courteous and responsible behavior by the children, enabling everyone to feel secure and well-protected
  • Well thought out and workable day-to-day arrangements to protect and promote children’s health and safety
  • Rigorous monitoring of absence, with timely and appropriate follow-up, to ensure that children attend regularly
  • Risk assessment is taken seriously and used to good effect in promoting safety
  • All staff and parents/carers are aware of the Safeguarding Lead and Safeguarding Deputy
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    Who are we

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